The Shot:

I have shot a lot of concerts over the years and my favorite shot is always the rising jib shot. It’s dynamic, vibrant and showcases the energy of the crowd, band and overall venue.

Behind the Shot:


For this shot I used the Lite Pro Gear Feather Crane, a longtime staple in my gear arsenal. Portable, easy to set-up, use and stow, it remains one of my favorite pieces of video production equipment. Plus you don’t need to carry counterweights, just grab some rocks and toss them in the counterweight bag which doubles as a protective case for the camera crane tower and jib handle.

The trick with nailing this shot is timing your jib move with the stage lights. You really want those house lights to pop on the crowd to accentuate foreground movement otherwise you just have a black hole in the foreground. Usually towards the end of a set or encore is the best time to capture that moment. It also helps to make friends with the lighting technician so he can tell you when the prime lighting event will happen. Shot with the Sony a7sII 4K at 24 fps.